Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Animal Protein in Pet Foods

In December 2010, Wysong launched a new line of starch-free dry foods, Epigen.  Epigens offer the convenience of dry food that requires no refrigeration in a healthier, high-protein formulation for carnivorous pets.  Epigens contain 60% protein and no starches.

What did Dr. Wysong say about pet diets to promote Epigen?  Here's a quote from the Epigen bag:
    Wysong Epigen is a truly new (patent pending) pet food innovation.  For the first time, a dry extruded 'kibble' pet food more closely resembles the meat-based, high protein, starchless foods carnivores are genetically designed to eat.

    Pets are genetically indistinguishable for their wild carnivorous counterparts.  They are designed to eat as carnivores eat.  Nowhere in nature do canines and felines consume a steady diet high in starches (a poly-sugar).  Yet, contrary to the natural model, pets today eat such foods meal after meal, day after day, year after year.

    Not living and eating -- as nature intended --  has consequences. Research has shown that a steady high starch (sugar) diet  can lead to a host of chronic degenerative conditions.  These include insulin resistance, diabetes, dental disease, arthritis, immune compromise, cancer, premature aging, and more.
Dr. Wysong has always promoted variety in pets diets and decried veterinary advice to feed the same (usually starchy) food, meal after meal, day after day, year after year.  Wysong's 100 Pet Health Truths Program condemns sole feeding of any food, especially commercial pet foods.

Wysong's advice about variety includes fresh raw meats and meaty bones, but not exclusively.  Variety also includes Wysong's own starchy kibbles and cooked canned mush.  "Nowhere in nature do canines and felines consume" Wysong's starchy kibbles or cooked canned mush, either.

In December 2010, I wondered where this truth-telling was going to lead the company.  Would Wysong cease producing its long-established, starchy pet foods?  In the spring of 2013, they brought out revised versions of their traditional dry foods.   New formulations reduce starches and increase animal protein contents, in keeping with their Epigen message. Better, if not perfect.

Would this improvement in Wysong's traditional dry pet foods prompt global pet food manufacturers to increase the animal protein contents of their starchy, junk foods?  In September 2013, Purina began a campaign to promote Purina One with increased animal protein in the bag.  "How much animal protein is in your pet food?", says the ad.  "20%, 24%; well, Purina One has 30% animal protein." 

Commercial pet foods are still damaging to pets' health, and slight improvements in contents do not fix health problems, especially if they are fed exclusively day-after-day for pets' lifetimes.  Perhaps Wysong is leading the way toward healthier commercial pet foods,  but nothing can replace a raw-meaty-bones diet for lifelong pet health.


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