Friday, December 31, 2010

Raw-Fed Dogs Just Look and Act Different

A member of our Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op was walking with his German shepherd/Husky mix along the shore, south of the Place of Refuge National Historical Park (Pu'uhonua o Honaunau).  This is a great spot for dogs to cavort off-lead when park rangers are not looking, or passively assenting to well-behaved dogs having a good run.  Dogs love to wade in and explore the tide pools along this stretch of shore.

As Bud ran along the trail with his dog, he encountered a stranger, who said,
"Isn't it great you feed your dog raw!"
Rather stunned by the stranger's accurate assessment, Bud said,
"How do you know I feed him raw?" 
The stranger identified himself as a visitor from Canada and explained,
"I can tell from his coat and his attitude."
Amazing but true.   Raw-fed dogs do have great coats -- no itches or hot spots, no thin, scraggly fur so common to kibble-fed dogs.  But his attitude?  Of course!  Dogs fed raw-meaty-bones are happy, jaunty, and satisfied.  Their behavior brims with satisfaction and self-confidence -- the attitude the Canadian visitor had seen in Bud's dog.

There are profound differences between raw-fed dogs and unfortunate dogs on starchy, pet-food diets.  Some of it shows in their coats and behaviors.  A lot of it is hidden in their long-term health.

This week I heard another series of fatal cancer, tumor,and  kidney-failure stories from prospective puppy buyers, who lost treasured pets to premature deaths.  These deaths are caused by long-time, monotonous feeding of inappropriate diets.  After some discussion, these pet owners are easy to convert to raw-feeding for their next puppies. They feel guilty for not knowing what is obvious to them now, for not having saved their pets misery and early deaths.  They each had spent hundreds and thousands of dollars in veterinary bills to try to save their dogs.

Carnivorous pets require raw meat and meaty bones to maintain health.  You'd think that everyone would see this obvious truth.  It's hard for pet owners to get past veterinarians, however, who stand squarely in opposition to raw-meaty-bones.  How much longer can vets be blind to the health of raw-fed pets and to the many unnecessary illnesses caused by the starchy pet-foods they sell?  Will they ever be held accountable for the untold misery and outlandish expenses they cause?  Surely, a day-of-reckoning is coming.

Meanwhile, we can look at raw-fed dogs in a different light -- you can tell they're different by their healthy coats and happy attitudes.


  1. I get the same comment about my 15 year old Chow Sharpei mix. Everyone thinks he's a two to three year old dog! He's my best salesperson ;) He eats the same feeds and RMB's I sell. I look forward to helping in this fight!

    Gary at

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