Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Passionate Advocacy for Raw-Meaty-Bones

Every now and again, I receive a letter that makes me realize how passionately people feel about their pets' well-being and how grateful they are to have found a source of raw-meaty-bones they can afford to feed beloved pets.

Quite by chance, a fellow called me to see if one of my dogs could offer stud service for his yellow Labrador retriever.  From wandering around the Aloha Labradors web site, he found a link to the Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op.  Here is his letter:
Dear Sandra,

Certainly enjoyed our informative chat yesterday re breeding our precious yellow lab. Haven't seen any new spotting since "onset" Friday, so it was probably a false start, and she won't have her season until her old usual time in the fall. When will your yellow stud arrive?

Would like to feed her optimally to prepare ....

Thank God for Sandra and her Raw Co-op. I've been struggling with the processed raw dog food [no raw meaty bones] market in CA for years with mixed success. You've started a revolution in pet nutrition. 

The same concept could certainly fly on the Mainland in spite of Big Agri & Big Pharma. Best of luck in spreading the good tidings. I'll do my best to help pass the word, as I strongly believe a raw, living foods diet is also optimal for human health.

CHEERS,   Dave
Now that's a letter to warm one's dark moments.  Of course, credit goes to Tom Lonsdale, DVM, who has struggled for 20 years to spread the word about appropriate foods for carnivorous pets -- the raw-meaty-bones diet.  His goals are not just to feed pets better but to expose the evil conspiracy between pet-food companies and those who serve their financial interests -- veterinarians and so-called animal welfare groups.

The financial power of global food processors, who dominate both human and pet-food processing (and you know who they are), distorts veterinary training and supports vet practices.  Gobs of pet-food money are also spent to keep animal welfare advocates quiet about the damage commercial pet-food diets wreak on the health of carnivorous pets.

Dr. Lonsdale wants scientific recognition of his cybernetic theory about carnivores and ecological balance.  In today's world, it is difficult to recognize the natural balance of herbivore prey (such as deer, elk, moose) and  predators (such as wolves, lions, hyenas) that existed throughout evolution.  His theory focuses on the role of periodontal disease in curbing predator populations and maintaining ecological balance.  Most ecologists focus on food supplies and competition for resources.  To read more about cybernetics and predator/prey relations, look at his book, Raw Meaty Bones, available on his web site.

It is encouraging to know that compete strangers flock to the idea and practicality of a raw-meaty-bones co-op.  Wes is working on the Oahu co-op.  He has many dozens (one fears, hundreds) of potential co-op members just waiting for him to set up shop.  Oahu could probably have 5 or 10 viable co-ops set up in local areas, if only SOMEONE would volunteer to organize them.   Meanwhile, Kona Raw thrives on weekly deliveries of 300 to 400 pounds of meat and meaty bones in little Kona.  Welcome All!


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