Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Humane Society Launches Inhumane Dog Food

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) launched its first-ever dog food in February 2010.  HSUS is the largest animal welfare organization in the country.  Why market their own dog food?  According the HSUS, proceeds from dog food sales will support more actions against inhumane puppy mills and other dog abuses.  The press had criticized HSUS for their failing to close abusive animal facilities, so they decided to raise more funds by branding their own kibble for dogs.

HSUS also opposes the inhumane practices used to farm food animals, such as cattle and pig feed lots, mass dairy milking barns, and chicken factories. No doubt these "farming" methods do subject food animals to inhumane conditions.  So, HSUS refused to include any meat or dairy products in their dog food.  Dogs fed HSUS kibble will receive only vegetable fats and proteins -- NO animal proteins or fats and NO dairy or egg proteins or fats.  HSUS dog food is VEGAN!  A VEGAN diet manufactured in Uruguay!  Two veterinary nutritionists approved the VEGAN dog food, which says a lot about the unreliability of veterinary nutritionists.

How humane is feeding carnivorous dogs, whose natural diet is whole prey, nothing but vegetables? No doubt they have to add manufactured, synthetic vitamins and minerals, which are not supplied by vegetable matter.  Vegetables are a very unnatural and inadequate diet for carnivores.  In addition, HSUS veggies are cooked and extruded from machines.  How humane is that for dogs, whose diet should consist of muscle meats, organ meats, and meaty bones?

HSUS says they have not figured out how to manufacture cat kibble from vegetables alone.  Cats must have meats and meaty bones to live.  Perhaps, they can manufacture their cat food from all the dogs they kill with their VEGAN dog kibble.

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