Friday, April 2, 2010

Further Experience with Packaged RMB

The two weekly menus for 40- to 50-pound dogs were a great hit -- with both the dogs and their owner.  She said the dogs were very excited every day when she got out the baggies with their daily portion of meat chunks and meaty bones.  Feeding her two bull terriers was easy -- all she had to do was open the bag and hand out the food.  Her greatest joy was seeing how happy and excited they are about raw-meaty-bones.

I wondered if she would venture into ordering a la carte from the web site.  Not yet.  She ordered two weekly menus again.  When she picked  up her bags of meals this afternoon, she met two other dog owners who were picking up their large orders of varied rmb.  We all discussed the many items available for dogs, and the more experienced raw feeders encouraged her to try making up weekly menus for herself.  By next week, she thinks she'll be ready to order independently for her dogs.

I'm ready for some new customers to ease into the rmb diet with prepackaged meals.  They helped one pet owner to switch immediately from Science Diet to rmb.  I don't want many customers for packaged rmb at any one time, however, because they take a lot of time and cutting to get approximately the right amount of meat and meaty bones into 7 baggies.  It's a labor of love, though.

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