Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Experience with Packaged RMB

As soon as I posted the weekly packages of  raw-meaty-bones for various sizes of dogs and cats, an order arrived for two packages of 7 meals each for 40- to 50-pound dogs. 

The pet owner heard about the rmb diet and Kona Raw Co-op from her daughter in Texas!  The daughter feeds her own dogs rmb.  She told her mother to try the diet with her two bull terriers, one of whom has severe skin problems.  The mother had no experience with feeding anything but Science Diet kibble but was willing to give rmb a try.

So, I made up 14 meaty meals of about 1 pound each (2% of 50 pounds) plus bones to gnaw.  I ordered a variety of poultry, beef, and pork, liver, heart, tripe, and kidney to start.  Cutting up portions of various meats that add up to about a pound is not easy, even though I am the chief butcher at Kona Raw. Figuring out how to assort muscle meats, organ meats, chicken leg quarters, beef neck bones, and soup bones into roughly equal meals is a mix-and-match challenge.  It took me about 45 minutes to cut and allocate meaty chunks and bones into 14 baggies. 

When the lady arrived to pick up her dogs' weekly menus, she said enthusiastically that she had already introduced the bull terriers to raw beef heart and kidneys she purchased at a local grocery store.  Her dogs were thrilled, she said.  I said how great that was, but told her she can buy the same meats for less from the co-op, because grocery store meats come from the same company that supplies the co-op -- Hawaii Beef Producers.  I urged her to look at all the meats and meaty bones on the Kona Raw web site and begin to put together weekly orders.  Chickens are on sale at Safeway this week....

I predicted that packaged rmb meals will recruit and educate new raw-feeders about how to plan a weekly rmb diet for their pets.  Seeing approximate amounts and the variety of meats and meaty bones available will make them more comfortable with feeding rmb. 

I look forward to her feedback on how well her dogs like various meats and meaty bones and whether the portions seem suitable. If she orders weekly packages again, I'll cut, measure, and package 14 meals again.  At least two kibble-fed dogs can now enjoy a healthy rmb diet, and before long their owner will decide what's on the menu this week.

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