Friday, February 12, 2010

Raw-Meaty-Bones Make Sense

It took a couple of years to do enough research to convince myself that cats and dogs evolved to eat whole prey and will thrive as pets on raw-meaty-bones.

I had to read through and discard a huge amount of nonsense on why pets need grains and vegetables as major components in their diets. I knew from experience why commercial kibbles and canned mush are inadequate diets -- high in carbohydrates and preservatives, all cooked to dead nutrition. As the National Research Council says, dogs and cats have no demonstrated need for carbohydrates. Carnivores use fats for energy and proteins for cell growth and repair. All the minerals and vitamins they require are in the components of whole prey -- muscle meats, organ meats, and meaty bones.

After several years of feeding my Labrador retrievers, two Papillons, and a Maine coon cat a diet of raw-meaty-bones, I can testify to the many benefits of the diet. So, to put knowledge into practice, I started a raw pet food co-operative (Kona Raw) to educate local pet owners about rmb and to make rmb available at wholesale prices. Two dozen members, many new to raw-feeding, now enjoy the financial benefits of the co-op and their pets are thriving on rmb. Feeding dogs and cats an rmb diet makes sense to them.

A more nervous decision was to promote rmb on my Labrador retriever web site (Aloha Labradors) and to require rmb feeding for my puppies. I posted a lot of information about rmb feeding -- why and how and how much it costs -- on the Aloha Labradors web site.

Responses from prospective puppy buyers have been hugely rewarding. Puppy buyers call me because they read the web site and are convinced that rmb is the right diet for dogs. Some have lost pets to chronic diseases they now realize could have been prevented with an appropriate diet. Others are conscientious about feeding themselves and their children, so feeding a dog the diet dogs evolved to eat just makes sense to them.

Think about it. Raw-Meaty-Bones is a close approximation to the whole prey diet dogs and cats evolved to eat. Why not feed it? It makes sense.

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