Saturday, January 9, 2010

Raw Meats for Hunting Trips and RMB at Home

Late yesterday afternoon a man with a young voice called about pet food.  He said he's just landed in Kona with his dog and forgot to bring any dog food with him.  From his Smartphone at the airport, he's found my web site for raw pet foods and wondered if he could come by.  He said he's been feeding more "natural" foods for some time and recently had been buying frozen, packaged meats and meaty bones for his dog.  He asked to come to talk with  me about his dog's diet and to buy some foods.  Although it was getting late, I agreed.

He arrived about an hour later, after many cell phone calls and repeated navigation errors.  My friend Mark had to meet him at an intersection and guide him to the house.  Out of a blue SUV hopped a young man in his late twenties, leaving a German Wirehair Pointer in the car.  Mike explained he is a weekend bird hunter, who flies his dog to other islands to hunt pheasant and other game birds. To feed his dog on hunts, he was especially interested in Wysong raw, dehydrated meats that can be taken into the field and kept safely without refrigeration. 

We adjourned to the dog kitchen, where I showed him the array of Wysong Archetype products, and he purchased a week's worth of raw-dehydrated foods for his dog.  Mark and I kept talking about raw-meaty-bones, the benefits to clean teeth and healthy gums, and showing him the large variety of meats and meaty bones in my refrigerator and freezers.  Mike was impressed and promised to give more rmb a try at home.  He left with a large meaty soup bone for his dog.

It's odd how opportunities to spread the word about raw feeding arise unexpectedly.  Here is an affluent young man, who had realized that even super-premium kibble is still primarily starches that are not a good diet for dogs. He had begun to buy frozen, raw pet foods and to look for guidance.  He had not realized that dogs could eat fresh meats and meaty bones right out of ordinary grocery store coolers.

It's interesting to see how pet-food propaganda has to be unlearned, before people can use common sense about carnivore diets.  Mark and I emphasized the economy of feeding a variety of rmb that are not prized as human foods, but I think economy is not this young man's principal issue.  Anyone who can rent a plane to fly his dog to bird hunts around Hawaii can probably feed him anything he wants.  Yet, he needed assurance that feeding meats and meaty bones he can buy at any grocery store would be a good diet for his friendly wolf.

In our brief session, we didn't cover Poultry 101 -- feeding raw chicken and turkey with bones.  I forgot even to suggest that some of the game birds he and his friends don't want for their own tables make perfect food for their dogs. That may require another session on Mike's Smartphone.

I am not sure why my pet food web site came up on his Smartphone, but his determination to find raw dehydrated meats for his dog on hunting trips and his obvious interest in feeding more rmb at home made the evening visit worthwhile for everyone.


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