Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Puppies Must Be Fed Raw-Meaty-Bones

Some months ago, I asked other dog breeders who feed raw-meaty-bones about diet requirements, if any, they impose on prospective puppy buyers.  The Yahoo group, rawbreeder, is a gold mine of information on what breeders around the world do, hope, think, and believe. 

I was fearful that telling prospective buyers they have to feed raw to qualify for one of my puppies would send them elsewhere.  Other raw breeders gave me courage, because they shared their successful experiences with requiring raw feeding for their puppies.  So, I wrote a puppy contract that requires puppy buyers to feed raw-meaty-bones and to refrain from feeding any commercial kibble or canned mush, or all health guarantees are null and void.  On my web site, www.AlohaLabradors.com, I posted lots of information about why and how to feed rmb.  And I held my breath.

Four puppy litters later, I can report total success with the rmb diet requirement.  First, many prospective puppy buyers contact me weeks or months before a puppy is available for them.  Early contact gives them time to read, question, discuss, and learn about rawfeeding.  Over repeated contacts, I can teach and demonstrate the advantages and ease of feeding rmb.

Second, as I have said many times in this blog,  learning to feed raw requires more unlearning of past advice about what to feed pets than learning anything difficult about feeding rmb.  Feeding raw chicken legs and meaty beef bones to puppies is easy; feeling it's okay to feed puppies raw meat and bones is hard.  By hanging out and watching me feed the older dogs, looking at their beautiful teeth and shiny coats, and seeing young puppies munch through chicken necks and wings cements their understanding.

Lastly, many prospective puppy buyers have lost dogs to chronic diseases -- notably cancers, liver, and kidney disorders.  Earlier, their dogs had chronic or repeated problems with allergies and intestinal problems.  It dawns on them that commercial pet foods contributed to these problems and that feeding dogs/wolves the diet they evolved to eat may prevent these chronic ailments.  My dogs have none of these problems, as they can see.

Recently, several prospective puppy buyers have called me, because of what they read about rawfeeding on the Aloha Labradors web site.  They get in line for a puppy, because they are convinced about rawfeeding before we have met and before they have seen the dogs.  They searched for an answer to their questions about why their earlier pets had such sickly lives and found rmb.

More and more pet owners are questioning why their dogs suffer so many illnesses, which are symptomatically treated by vets.  Not only are they spending gobs of money to deal with cherished pets' disorders, they wonder why their companions have to suffer so much.  Some come to realize that commercial pet foods are a root cause.

I feel very good to be able to require prospective puppy buyers to feed a raw diet.  Most need education and support to carry it out, which I am happy to provide. 

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  1. Sandra is very knowledgeable about the raw meat diet for her puppies. We fed our English lab Lakota this diet and he was very healthy all over until he passed away at age 12. We are adopting a chocolate male from Aloha Labradors and know this little guy will be healthy and we will continue to keep him that way.
    Jim and Tere Patterson, Maui, HI