Friday, December 4, 2009

Raw-Meaty-Bones Make Sense, Even to Old Ladies

Once people think about a raw-meaty-bones diet for awhile (time varies), they come to realize that feeding pets what they evolved to eat make sense. Today a conversation with a Kona Raw Co-op member exemplified the transition -- one might say, conversion.

She adopted raw chicken and beefy bones for her dog, while also feeding her high quality kibble "for balanced nutrition". After several months of talking, reading, and thinking, she decided that raw-meaty-bones probably is a complete diet for a wolf/dog. I can tell she's not entirely sure yet, but she didn't buy any more kibble and purchased a week's worth of meaty bones. We'll see how it goes....

She noted how hard it is not to feed kibble, because she's fed pets commercial pet foods for 50 to 60 years. I agree. I have had dogs and cats in my home since early childhood, and I am 73 years old. I don't recall what my mother fed the earliest companion animals, but it was probably not commercial pet foods, because they did not become really popular until after World War II. My earliest recollections are that pets were fed table-scraps. But I am not sure....

As a young adult, my Rough Collie was fed canned mush and kibble. A succession of dogs and cats suffered the same fate. It was only 8 years ago that an alternative vet told me she refused to treat dogs fed commercial pet foods, because they cause so many problems. Her statement was shocking. If you don't feed dogs kibble and canned foods, what do you feed them? I was baffled and alarmed, both by my ignorance and the dire implications of her words for my dogs' health.

Over the past 8 years, I have had to undergo the same unlearning experiences that other pet owners do, when confronted with the idea that kibble and canned mush are not perfect foods for carnivorous pets. To stop feeding kibble requires unlearning decades of veterinary advice and mountains of advertising, promoting commercial pet foods. Only when one searches out information on carnivores' natural diets does one encounter the truth -- a complete and balanced diet for dog/wolves and cats is whole prey, or its equivalent, raw-meaty-bones.

I predict that more and more pet owners will discover the truth about pet diets and save their pets from the sad fate of many millions, fed manufactured "foods". If a couple of old pet owners in their 70's can make the transition, surely younger, more cyber-savvy pet owners will discover the truth earlier in their pet-owning lives.

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