Friday, December 4, 2009

New to RMB? Watch a Puppy Devour One

When prospective puppy buyers come to Aloha Labradors to see a litter of adorable babies, their first impression is of cute, furry toys. Lab puppies are cuddly, happy babies who adore human attention. They lick faces, pounce on small moving objects, leap unsteadily on each other, and generally make themselves irrestible.

When I tell prospective buyers about their diet, some are shocked. RAW MEAT? BONES? Most have owned dogs, usually Labs, for many years. All their dogs were fed kibble. How was their health? Now come the stories of illnesses and early deaths. Often their dogs developed chronic illness, cancers, and the like. When I tell them about raw-meaty-bones, they are interested. I send them away with packets of my own materials and books and articles by Tom Lonsdale, author of Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders.

When they return to see the puppies again, they have questions and concerns about the rmb diet. How can young puppies eat chicken wings and gnaw on beef neck bones with their baby teeth? Time for a demonstration! Hand 6-week old Lab puppies chicken wings or drumsticks and step back! Puppies shake their meaty bones, bite into them, use their paws to steady them, while they begin to gnaw away the meat. Once at the bone, they crunch loudly. The bone disappears, puppies lick their lips, and nuzzle the ground, looking for more. It's a sure-fire demonstration of carnivores with their natural diet.

Nearly all puppy buyers adopt the rmb diet for their new companions. They see how clean the older dogs' teeth are and how trim and healthy they look. No puffy, overweight dogs or puppies at Aloha Labradors! New owners need support to implement the rmb diet at home, and I am happily available to help them. In fact, that is why I formed Kona Raw Pet Food Co-op to help local puppy buyers to learn more about raw feeding and to offer rmb at wholesale prices.

More than half my puppies go to families on other islands, where there are no raw-meaty-bones co-ops. They have to buy chickens and meaty bones at local grocery stores, and some get meats from friends who hunt. However they can, they raise their puppies to healthy adulthood on rmb.

Once people realize the huge benefits of a rmb diet for their puppies, they are committed. It's a joy to see puppies educate their new owners, before they go new homes.

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