Friday, November 13, 2009

Seasonal Bargains in Raw-Meaty-Bones

Fall hunting season for deer, wild turkeys, wild pigs, and other game can bring huge savings over buying raw-meaty-bones at local stores.  Of course, you've found the less expensive meats and meaty bones that are not prized for human consumption, but fall brings another source of excellent foods for your carnivorous pets.

In Hawaii, we have pig hunting year round, because pigs tear up native forests, house yards, and farmers' crops.  A lot of dogs are fed on wild pork.  Archers bring down wild turkeys, which are very numerous on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I live.  In North and South Kohala, plentiful wild goats, sheep, and cattle can be hunted.  Because our pets evolved to eat whole prey, spoils of the hunt are great food for them.  If you suspect wild game may have parasites, freeze the meat and meaty bones for 30 days to eliminate parasites.

Fall brings another source of great RMB savings: Turkeys.  I don't know how your grocery stores lure customers in for holiday shopping, but in Hawaii chain stores use hugely discounted turkeys.  Although the limit is two turkeys per day, a bird of 17 pounds or less goes for $3.97, and a larger bird for $5.97.  Focusing on birds of about 16 pounds, I buy two turkeys daily at $0.25/ pound.  By Thanksgiving, my freezer will be groaning with turkeys to last till the New Year.  My 10 Labs, one Papillon, and Maine coon cat consume a turkey a day.  That's a lot of savings in November.

Poultry is an excellent carnivore food, because all bones and organs are easily consumed by even small dogs and cats.  Chickens and turkeys (ducks and geese, if available) are high in minerals and vitamins pets need. And, let's not forget, chewing on raw-meaty-bones keep their mouths healthy and prevents a lot of chronic diseases.

So, enjoy fall savings on raw-meaty-bones, whether hunted in the wild or in supermarket aisles.

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