Monday, July 27, 2009

Some People Should Not Own Dogs and Cats

Let’s admit that some people are bad pet owners. Some are cruel, some neglectful, some fail to train their animals, and so forth. Here I focus on diet. Some people cannot deal with the fact that dogs and cats are carnivores that require raw meats and meaty bones to be healthy.

In an interview with a Sydney newspaper, a cat breeder confessed that, being a vegetarian, she could not bring herself to feed her cats meat. In fact, she claimed, she is feeding her cats a vegetarian diet – no meat products at all. Even vets who push kibble acknowledge that cats are “obligate carnivores” who cannot metabolize vegetable proteins and carbohydrates. Cats lack the necessary enzymes to use vegetables and grains as food. It is monstrously cruel to keep cats on a vegetarian diet. She should give up cats and raise rabbits.

My daughter, who loves and keeps a cat, is terribly squeamish about raw meats. She claims they are revolting and nauseating to her. She herself eats little meat -- a bit of sanitized, plastic-wrapped, boneless, skinless chicken breast, sometimes a fish fillet, and occasionally shrimps. Oddly, bacon is acceptable, but all other kinds and cuts of meat revolt her. Naturally, she has difficulty feeding the cat appropriate raw meats and meaty bones that the cat needs to thrive. Fortunately, the cat lives in home, where 12 Labrador retrievers and two Papillons enjoy raw-meaty-bones diets. My daughter serves the cat meaty bones and cubes of chicken, beef, and pork that I cut up. She dumps them from a container into the cat’s bowl, while holding her nose. She is nauseated by raw meat, so it is very difficult for her to feed an “obligate carnivore” appropriately. If she didn’t live in a virtual butcher shop, she should not own a cat.

A recent puppy buyer gave all the signs of being horrified about my feeding puppies raw meaty bones. She watched with revulsion as 7-week old Labrador retriever puppies tore apart and chomped down raw chicken quarters. Her body language was exquisite. I knew that nothing I could tell her about why puppies need raw meaty bones was going to overcome her emotional reaction to raw meats. She promised to feed rmb (it’s in my puppy contract), but after a week with puppy, she told me she found a 2-inch bone fragment in his stool, so feeding rmb was just too dangerous. Her vet told her to feed Science Diet, which she adopted with huge relief. Now she does not have to smell and handle those nasty raw chicken parts and beef livers.

Perhaps, I should not have sold her a puppy, suspecting as I did that she was incapable of feeding rmb. My hope is that her husband and son will fill in and feed the puppy rmb, at least often enough to keep his teeth clean and gums healthy. I am afraid she is just one of those people who should not own a carnivorous pet.

Not everyone wants to keep a snake that requires live mice and baby chicks as food. Not everyone can feed live rabbits to dogs, even if they are ideal whole prey. I confess that I could not bear to see my dogs tear apart live rabbits or chickens. So, I compromise their diets with already-dead meaty bones and organ meats. Where do the compromises stop before carnivorous diets become inadequate to sustain pets’ health? I trust Tom Lonsdale, DVM, Yahoo rawfeeding groups, and my own evolutionary background to keep me on a proper path, feeding raw meaty bones.


  1. So awful, even with a written and signed contract or agreement, she can´t fullfil it.

    I received your address in a email from Dr. Lonsdale... I contact him with a doubt about this page:

    What do you think about it as breeder?

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