Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Could We Ever Believe Dry Kibble and Cooked Mush Are Good Food for Pets?

From childhood, we heard our mothers tell us,”Eat your vegetables!” Mothers insist children eat a balanced diet, which for human omnivores includes fruits and vegetables, cereals, eggs, dairy products, and meats. Mothers are seldom heard to say, “Eat your potato chips! or “Finish that bowl of candy!”. Mothers know that a healthy omnivore diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, dairy products, and fresh meats.

Wolf mothers bring their pups pieces of raw meaty bones and regurgitate partly digested raw meaty bones for their babies. Wolf mothers do not urge their pups to eat cereals, fruits and vegetables, unless they are starving, because wolves are carnivores that thrive on meat and meaty bones. Wolves will eat eggs and grasses, but their main diet is meat and meaty bones.

Wild cat mothers feed exclusively on prey and bring prey parts home to their babies. Carnivore mothers feed their babies portions of the whole prey they eat themselves. For wolves and wild desert cats, whole prey provides a balanced diet of muscle meats, organ meats and bones. Chewing meat and tearing meat off bones keeps their teeth clean and bodies healthy.

Dogs are a subspecies of gray wolves. Dogs’ digestive systems are species wolf. Cats are close relatives of wild desert cats. Cats’ digestive systems are pure wild cat. Whole prey provides a complete and balanced diet for domestic cats and companion dogs.

When people adopt dogs and cats as family companions, what are they taught to feed them? Veterinarians and massive advertising campaigns tell pet owners to feed carnivorous pets exclusively on kibble (dry, cooked mostly carbohydrates) and canned cooked mush (also heavy on carbohydrates). What?, you say. Carbohydrates are not part of wolf and wild cat diets. In addition, cooking radically changes the composition and texture of food. What a colossal non-sequitor to feed carnivorous pets cooked carbohydrates! How did this happen? It’s a long story of profiteering and professional corruption that I hope to tell when all the data are collected. Stay tuned….

The primary victims of this global scam are millions of dogs and cats, whose health and longevity are sacrificed to human greed. Secondary victims are pet owners, who pay billions of dollars to buy the food that is killing their pets and to pay for veterinary services their chronically sick pets require.

The solution is to think for yourself, to feed your pets the carnivore diet they evolved to eat, a diet that keeps their teeth, gums, and organ systems healthy. Ignore all advice to feed carnivorous pets a high carbohydrate diet that will kill many of them slowly, and some rapidly.

To feed raw meats and meaty bones, pet owners have to unlearn all they have been taught about pet feeding. There is no “100% compete and balanced” manufactured food. No high-carbohydrate kibble, cooked at high temperatures and extruded from machines, can possibly be a good diet for any living organism. No cooked canned mush can keep your pets’ teeth clean and gums healthy. There is no science that can guarantee your pet a healthy diet. Trust Mother Nature and thousands of years of evolution to devise a healthy diet for your carnivorous pets.


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